Our Farm

Dear Costumer,

Nolin River Nut Tree Nursery is reopening now after being closed since May 2016. Lisa Brittain, co-owner and operator of Nolin River Nursery, passed away in spring of 2017 from early onset Alzheimer’s.

My hope is to continue with our business of supplying grafted fruit and nut trees for a few more years before I retire. In spring 2016, we began growing our trees with organic fertilizer and no pesticides. The trees we have available for 2018 shipment are among the nicest we’ve ever produced.
Good Growing,
John Brittain
November 1, 2017

The name of our nursery reflects the location of our farm in Hart County Kentucky, about 15 miles north of Mammoth Cave National Park. We were established in 1985, operating primarily as a mail-order nursery. We specialize in the production of grafted nut trees, persimmons, and pawpaws. The advantages of planting grafted or budded trees over seedling trees are several fold. Grafting ensures identical replication of superior individual nut trees that have been selected as the best trees compared to hundreds or thousands of seedling trees. The varieties that we produce have almost always been chosen as winners in nut competitions at state fairs, state nut grower organizations, or national nut growing organizations such as the Northern Nut Growers Association. Seedling trees, in contrast, almost always differ from the parent tree from which the nuts were collected and planted, and in comparison with a grafted parent tree, will usually be less desirable in some respects. Furthermore, seedling trees must grow through a juvenile period before they are capable of flowering and nut production. Because the tissue used in grafting or budding a selected variety has already gone through this juvenile period, grafted trees usually begin to produce in less than half the time required for seedling trees. We now have over 175 varieties of nut trees and 40 varieties of persimmons and pawpaws from which propagating materials may be taken to produce grafted or budded trees. More varieties are being added to our nut grove each year. It will not be possible to make all of these varieties available every year. Our objective is to identify the most outstanding varieties as quickly as possible and to produce these in the greatest possible quantity. Other varieties in our collection will be made available upon request through custom grafting, at no additional cost.

We are a small family owned and operated nursery trying our best to meet a growing demand for high-quality grafted nut trees sold at reasonable prices. We grow, graft, and grade our own trees to ensure the best quality in the trees we sell. Many of the varieties we offer are not available anywhere else in the world. In fact, grafted trees of some species such as hickories and heartnuts are not easy to locate, primarily because of the difficulties involved in their  propagation.

For information regarding our trees, please feel free to give us a call or email us your phone number and we’ll call you.

 No deposit is required on trees advance orders until order is reconfirmed in the winter.

If you wish to visit the nursery, please be sure to call ahead for an appointment and directions.