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NORTHERN PECAN (Carya illinoensis)

SOLD OUT 2016 As with most nut trees, pecans produce their heaviest crops when several varieties are planted together. All of our selections will perform well in the Ohio Valley. More northern localities should try the cultivars listed under far northern pecans. All of the following varieties have very good scab resistance, except for Pawnee which has medium resistance. Trees reach heights of 50-'70' and can be planted on 25-30' centers and eventually thinned to 50-60' apart. First harvest in 3-6 years. To insure pollination, plant at least one protandrous (Type 1, early pollen

FAR NORTHERN PECAN (Carya illinoensis)

NOT AVAILABLE 2016 We have assembled a large collection of far northern pecans, some of which will mature nuts from Iowa through the southern Great Lakes region, into New Jersey. Most varieties described below bear medium sized nuts. To insure pollination, plant at least one protandrous (Type1, early pollen shed) and one protogynous  (Type 2, late pollen shed) variety in each planting. CAMPBELL 4 Ont. 1980 .Colby seedling requiring 155 days to mature. 68 nuts /lb with 54% kernel. Type 1. COLBY IL. 1957. A large nut at 60 nuts per lb. with 45% kernel, 160