CHESTNUT (Castanea mollissima and hybrid)


Chestnuts love acid soil and should never be limed unless a severe deficiency of calcium is suspected.  Alkaline soils should probably be acidified to insure establishing transplants. Chestnuts show the most potential as annual nut producers of all the nut tree species. This is because their late flowering enables them to escape spring frosts and early fall maturing allows for annual crops. Nuts are contained in squirrel-proof burrs until they ripe and fall to the ground. All varieties have sweet  nuts superior to European chestnuts often available at grocery stores. Trees generally reach 35′-40′ high and should be spaced 20-40′ apart.  Production begins in 2-4 years. Plant at least 2 different varieties for pollination. All of our varieties appear to be resistant to the chestnut blight fungus. As of 2013 our nursery and orchard are free of oriental chestnut gall wasp.

Small (1′-2′): $35.00
Medium (2′-3′): $40.00
Large (3′-4′): $50.00
Extra Large (4′-5′): $60.00
5′-6′: $70.00

AU LEADER AL. 1980 Released by Auburn Univ., this very productive Chinese variety has excellent flavor, raw or roasted, stores well and nuts average about 35 nuts per lb

CRANE Philena, GA. 1963. A pure Chinese selection and a consistent heavy producer of large nuts, 30-40lb. For the Ohio Valley and South.

EATON RIVER CT. 1980. Large nut; early maturing; ornamental; suspected Chinese X Japanese-American cross; very sweet. Consistent producer of high-quality nuts, 30-40 per lb. Our favorite variety.

FORD’S SWEET- IN. 1980. Timber-type Chinese; small, sweet kernel that resembles American Chestnut; heavy bearer, good wildlife food.

MOSSBARGER Glendale, KY. 1983. A very productive Chinese selection with very large sweet nuts. Properly cured nuts peel easily and store well.

QING Ky. 1999 A heavy yielding Chinese variety, producing shiny dark brown nuts that ate X-large (20/lb) and exceptionally sweet. Nut matures early to mid season.

SLEEPING GIANT New Haven, CT. 1960. A Chinese X Japanese X American hybrid. Consistent producer of med-large handsome nuts, about 40 per lb.

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