HICAN (C. illinoensis X C. ovata or C. laciniosa)


Hicans are natural hybrids between pecan and hickory that fall into categories based on whether the hickory parent was a shagbark or a shellbark. In general, shellbark X pecan produces a larger nut than the shagbark hybrids, but the shagbark may be heavier producers. Unless self-pollinating, several different varieties should be planted together for good nut production. Trees reach 50-70′ in height with a round and spreading crown. Plant trees on 40-50′ spacing, first production in 4-8 yrs. Hican trees bear handsome foliage, and deserve planting for their ornamental qualities. The nuts retain the hickory flavor considered by most to be the finest nut flavor.

Small (2′-3′): $45.00
Medium (3′-4′): $50.00
Large (4′-5′): $60.00
Extra Large (5′-6′): $70.00
6′-7′: $80.00
7′-8′: $90.00
8′-10′: $120.00

IA. 1940. Pecan X Shagbark. A productive cultivar that performs well in the Ohio Valley. Self-pollinating with large nuts, 55 per lb., that mature early.

BIXBY IL. Pecan X Shellbark. A very large nut, requiring early pollen and good fertilization to fill well. The oldest cultivar selected, Bixby produces heavy crops. Pollinated by Major pecan.

BURTON KY. Pecan X Shagbark; medium-sized nut; good producer, self-pollinating; best suited for South and Midwest; thin shell, high % kernel, early maturing.   

HENKE IA. 1928. Pecan X Shagbark, small nut with high quality kernel that fills well, ripens early, bears good crops at a young age. Self-pollinating.

MCALLISTER Indiana pecan x Shellbark. This variety produces huge, thin-shelled nuts, with extremely good flavor. Requires very early pecan or hican pollen to set a good crop of filled nuts.

T 92   Kansas, 1980. This seedling of Weschcke shagbark crossed with pecan produces a very large nut (35-40 lbs) with very light colored kernels and excellent quality. Pollinated by shagbark hickory varieties. Very good production.

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