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PAWPAW (Asimina triloba)

The pawpaw is the largest native fruit in the U.S. Fruit are greenish-yellow, 3-5" long, and hang in clusters of 3-7. The nutritious, soft, yellow pulp has a rich, banana-custard flavor. Pyramidal shaped trees reach 30' high. Plant at least 2 different varieties for pollination, 15-30' apart. Trees bear in 3-4 years. Avoid planting pawpaw trees in heavy, poorly drained soil. PRICES: Very Small (1'-2'): $30.00 Small (2'-3'): $35.00 Medium (3'-4'): $45.00 Large (4'-5'): $55.00 5'-6': $70.00 6'-7': $80.00 7'-8': $100.00 In spring 2010, we began offering a new line of pawpaws, developed by plant breeder Neal Peterson. Selected from over 1500 open pollinated