PAWPAW (Asimina triloba)


The pawpaw is the largest native fruit in the U.S. Fruit are greenish-yellow, 3-5″ long, and hang in clusters of 3-7. The nutritious, soft, yellow pulp has a rich, banana-custard flavor. Pyramidal shaped trees reach 30′ high. Plant at least 2 different varieties for pollination, 15-30′ apart. Trees bear in 3-4 years. Avoid planting pawpaw trees in heavy, poorly drained soil.

In spring 2010, we began offering a new line of pawpaws, developed by plant breeder Neal Peterson. Selected from over 1500 open pollinated seedlings, whose germplasm originated from historical pawpaw orchards,  the Peterson Pawpaws are outstanding varieties protected by plant patents.  The six varieties are the result of 25 years of research  selecting for fine eating qualities, productiveness, health, and vigor.  For more information go to


ALLEGHENY ™ Smaller fruit, early ripening sweet flavor,  smooth medium firm texture ; very productive and may need thinning to keep fruit larger.

SHENANDOAH    ( ‘ Wansevwan’ U.S. Plant Patent # 14452 ) Large fruit, mid season ripening, very good yields; sweet mild flavor with a succulent custardy  texture.  This seedling of Overleese is popular at farmer’s markets.

SUSQUEHANNA ™   ( ‘ Levfiv’ U.S. Plant Patent # 15900 )       Very large fruit,  mid-late season ripening, moderate yields; very sweet rich flavor, firm buttery texture, few seeds.

WABASH Very large fruit, mid-season ripening, very good yields ;  overall excellent quality with a sweet flavor and a medium firm creamy rich texture.

RAPPAHANNOCK™   ( ‘ Aidfievate ‘ U.S. Plant Patent # 14453 )     Small fruit, early ripening, good yields but poor tree form ; fine texture, sweet refreshing flavor.

POTOMAC ™     Very large fruit, mid season ripening, very good yields; sweet rich flavor with firm melting smooth texture.

Nolin River Nursery also offers the grafted pawpaw varieties listed below.     

KSU-Atwood, NC-1, Overleese and Sunflower are all outstanding varieties and should be widely planted.

GREENRIVER BELLE  KY 1998. Original tree grown near the Green River in Hart County. Selected by Carol Friedman for large and luscious fruits.

KSU-ATWOOD A newly released variety from Kentucky State University that combines large size and high quality fruit with few seeds and a mango aftertaste. Heaviest producing variety.

NC-1 Ontario 1976. Doug Cambpell’s cross between Davis and Overleese. Excellent flavored fruit are up to 12oz., few seeds, with yellow skin and flesh. Very early maturing.

OVERLEESE IN 1950. Selected from the wild by W.B.Ward, fruits are large(120z.), oval to round, with a few seeds and excellent flavor. Mid-season ripening.  

PA GOLDEN 1   NY John Gordon’s selection from Central PA seed. Fruits are 4′-5′,yellow skin and flesh. Vanilla custard flavor, early ripening.

SUE  Southern IN. Discovered by Don Munich, selected for its wonderful flavor and productiveness. Fruit are 4″, 4-6 ounces, and yellow fleshed.

SUNFLOWER KS. 1970. Selected from the wild by Milo Gibson. Fruit weighs up to 8oz., yellow skin, butter colored flesh with few seeds.

Other cultivars sometimes available: Davis, 1 XL, Mitchell, Prolific, SSA-Zimmerman, Taylor, and Taytwo.

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