FAR NORTHERN PECAN (Carya illinoensis)


We have assembled a large collection of far northern pecans, some of which will mature nuts from Iowa through the southern Great Lakes region, into New Jersey. Most varieties described below bear medium sized nuts. To insure pollination, plant at least one protandrous (Type1, early pollen shed) and one protogynous  (Type 2, late pollen shed) variety in each planting.

Extra Large (5′-6′): $70.00
6′-7′: $80.00
7′-8′: $90.00

DUMBELL LAKE  I0  1980  Superior  far northern variety, matures in 155 days, 89 nuts per lb. with 47% kernel.    Type 1.

FISHER IL. 1938. Cracks well with a good flavor. Bears early and regularly heavy crops, 79 nuts per lb. , 46% kernel, 155 days.  Type 1.

LUCAS OH. 1965. Precocious, heavy producer of small very sweet nuts (108/lb., 49% kernel, ),  very thin shell.  150 days . Type 2

SHEPHERD MO. Consistent heavy producer of quality nuts, 65 nuts per pound. Early ripening, scab resistant. Type 1.

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