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PERSIMMON (Diospyros virginiana)

The orange fruit of the American Persimmon is very astringent until fully ripe in the fall. The 1-2" fruit then becomes among the sweetest tasting and most nutritious in the world. Mature trees are columnar in shape, reaching 40-50 feet in height and begin bearing in 3-4 years. Trees should be spaced 20-40 feet apart. Transplants require abundant moisture, and sometimes break dormancy a month or more after they are set, especially in cool weather. PRICES: Small (1'-2'): $32.00 Medium (2'-3'): $38.00 Large (3'-4'): $45.00 Extra Large (4'-5'): $55.00 5'-6': $65.00 CRAGGS    Hamsburg, Il.   Large (1-11/2") late Oct. ripening fruit is