Our nursery’s shipping season runs through the months of March and April.

The packaging charge for each package shipped will be from $6.00 to $15.00 depending on the size of the box. Shipping charges (UPS whenever possible) will be added after trees are shipped. Generally up to 6-12 trees can be shipped per package. For orders paid with a credit card, accounts will be billed when trees are shipped except on orders over $500, in which case we may bill your credit card for a 50% deposit when the order is received. On orders paid by check, money order, or cash a 50% deposit is required before trees are shipped.

Delivery of ordered stock will be subject to over winter losses due to weather or animal damage, or for other causes over which we have no control.

Because we offer a large selection of nut tree cultivars, we are only able to stock a limited number of some selections. If we are sold out of a given variety or size, we will substitute a similar variety or size unless otherwise requested. Please state on orders if substitutions are not acceptable.

Any tree which does not survive the first growing season due to our fault will be replaced at one-half of the purchase price plus one-half the usual shipping and handling cost. Any tree which does not initiate growth (bud break) after transplanting due to our fault  will be replaced without charge or a refund check will be sent .  The request for adjustment must be made by October 1 of the first growing season. We do not guarantee trees over winter. If original variety is not available, a substitute will be provided. The shipping season runs through the months of March and April. Adjustments for trees damaged in packing and shipping or other causes must be requested within thirty days of receipt.

We make every effort to supply true-to-name nursery stock. However, since we obtain some scionwood from other sources, there is a very slight chance that a small percentage of such wood could be mislabeled. Any nursery stock sold by this nursery and later found not to be true to the name will be replaced free of charge, plus packing and shipping costs. No other liability is assumed.

Chestnuts cannot be shipped to: Arizona, California, Florida, Oregon, or Washington.

Butternuts, Walnuts, and Pecans, cannot be shipped to: Arizona, California, Texas.

Persimmons and Pawpaws cannot be shipped to: Arizona, Callifornia.

Hickories and Hicans cannot be shipped to: New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Texas

We do not ship outside of the United States.


Please call (270) 369-8551 or mail orders to:
Nolin River Nut River Nut Tree Nursery
797 Port Wooden Road
Upton KY 42784

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