BLACK WALNUT (Juglans nigra)


Small (18″-2′): $35.00
Medium (2′-3′): $40.00
Large (3′-4′): $50.00
Extra Large (4′-5′): $60.00
5′-6′: $70.00
6′-7′: $80.00

Prized as the most valuable timber species in the Eastern U.S., black walnuts also produce fine-flavored nut kernels, high in polyunsaturated oils. All of our varieties have been selected for easy cracking and anthracnose resistance. These grafted varieties yield 3 or 4 times as much available kernel as do average wild trees which yield about 10% kernel. Trees reach 60-70′ high with a rounded crown and trees planted at 25′ spacing should eventually be thinned to 50′ apart. Grafted trees bear in 3-5 yrs.

DANIELS MO. 1978. Medium sized nut with a very thin shell. Cracks out easy with 40% kernel of high quality. Heavy producer in Wilmoth’s grove, excellent Ohio Valley variety.

EMMA KAY IL. Thin shell, excellent cracker, heavy producer, 30 nuts per lb., 36% kernel; outstanding variety.

LAMB’S CURLY MI. 1929. Selected variety that produces curly-grained wood for veneer or woodworking.

NEEL 1 WV. 1990. Thin shelled variety, kernel cracks out easily, excellent quality, about 30 nuts per pound, 35% kernel.

POUNDS 2  IND. 1985    Very large nut with very high kernel % near 40 %.  KY State Fair Sweepstakes winner.

RIDGEWAY IL. 1984. Large nut, 35% kernel, heavy bearing, 2 time winner Ky. State Fair, anthracnose resistant.

ROWHER   IA.1926. 35% kernel. Light kernels crack out easily, 20-25 nuts per lb. Early maturing. Bears annually.

SAUBER 1 OH. 1970. Large nut with light colored high quality kernel, about 39%. Nut separates clean from the outer hull. Excellent production, about 20-25 nuts per pound.  

SPARROW  IL.  1935 28% kernel, 25-30 nuts per lb., high quality, good flavor, early ripening. Bears annually.

SURPRISE MO. 33% kernel, 26 nuts per lb. Fills well, cracks out in quarters. Performs well in Missouri.

THOMAS MYERS    MO. 1980. Very large nut (20 lb.), 38% kernel, cracks out easily, thin shell. Bears early, annually, and heavily. Late vegetating. Anthracnose resistant. One of best Ohio Valley and Southern varieties.

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