PERSIAN WALNUT (Juglans regia)

The majority of our selections are progeny of northeastern European stock; so called “Carpathian” origin.  This is the same species as the English Walnuts and produces the same sweet kernel in a tree that is much hardier than the English varieties. Most Persians are early flowering, similar to peaches in timing and generally produce well where spring temperatures do not fluctuate widely. Trees reach 40-50′ high, with an oval canopy and light colored bark. Husks split and walnuts fall to the ground when ripe. Grafted trees bear in 3-5 years, and should be planted on 20′-40′ spacing. Plant in open area with good air circulation and avoid frost pockets.


ALLEGHENY PA. New from George Dickum, vegetates late, misses frosts, bears a full crop annually, even after-280 winters. Self pollinating, large size nut with thin shell, tight seal, cracks out whole halves. Winner blue ribbon in PA State Fair.

BEDCO 1  PA 1990  A very productive and high quality selection from George Dickum. Medium to large size nut with a light, sweet kernel. Blue ribbon winter at PA state fair.

BROADVIEW BC. 1930. Very productive, lateral bearing variety. Nuts are large, round, thin shelled, 47% kernel.

COBLE #2 PA. 1950. Large, well-filled nuts with a high quality kernel. Lateral bearing for high production. NOT AVAILABLE.

HANSEN OH. 1934. Small to medium nut, 60% kernel, thin shelled, bears young; sweet, self-fruitful, hardy. Anthracnose and husk maggot resistant, smaller tree than other Carpathians, about 30′ high.

KAISER  KY 2000  Originated from Austrian seed planted by Richard Wilmoth. Very large nut, fills well, light and sweet kernel.  Won 1st place and sweepstakes prize at 2000 Ky. state fair.

LAKE Bluffs, IL. 1954 . Large nut, 50% kernel, very good quality. Precocious, good yielder, protogynous. NOT AVAILABLE.

MCKINSTER   OH 1952  Large, good quality nut; 48% kernel; self pollinating; heavy producer. Cracks easily.

SOMERS MI. 1954. Large nut, 55% kernel; cracks easy; early maturing, annual bearer, very hardy. Husk maggot resistant and the hardiest variety.

UTAH GIANT UT. 1986. Very large nut; good quality; sweet kernel cracks out easily. Very hardy. NOT AVAILABLE.

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